Scott F. Wolter P.G. - The Hooked-X,
"Holy Grail in North America"

Scott F. Wolter P.G. is a geologist by trade and owns American Petrographic Services in St. Paul, Minnesota. Alice B. Kehoe refers to Wolter as "a hard scientist...who understands the methodology of science and inference, from data, to the best explanation.
Hooked X, Templars in North America
Wolter will be speaking on a consistent rune between Europe and North America including the well-known Kensington Runestone. Eminent geologists and complete skeptics of the authenticity of the much-debated stone have walked away from a presentation by Mr. Wolter utterly convinced of it's history as a relic of very early Norse visitation to Minnesota. Scott Wolter worked to bring the Runestone to a modern geophysics laboratory so that the chiseling of the runes and the weathering of the stone could be examined under high-power scanning.

The Hooked X was found on the Kensington Runestone.
It was found on the Spirit Pond Runestone (the Mapstone).
It was found on the Narragansett, Rhode Island inscription stone
It has been found, with Niven Sinclair's help, on an ancient Astrolabe held at Oxford University dated c. 1350-1400 AD.
It has been found on the sigla of Christopher Columbus.
And (drum roll please) it was found in Rosslyn Chapel.

You'll find the Hooked X at the Atlantic Conference in October. Don't miss Wolter's riveting presentation style and the latest on the Hooked X. 
Also, look for Scott's work on the History Channel feature, "Holy Grail in North America"  beginning September 20th and repeating at regular intervals through October.
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